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The word manicure is derived from the French word manucure which means "Care of the hands".
Tip: Your nails will look good only if your hands look good as well.


The word pedicure is derived from the Latin words pedis, which means "of the foot" and cura, which means "care".
Tip: Don't clip your toe nails too short, that could cause ingrown nails.


Nail polish originated in China as early as 3000 BC. The ingredients included beeswax,egg whites,gelatin and vegetable dyes.
Tip: Remember finger nails serves as a visual advertisement of your personality.


Women of ancient Egypt removed all of their body hair, including that on their heads, with tweezers made from seashells and beeswax.
Tip: Waxing is a temporarily removal of hair which with continued treatments will reduce the hair growth.

Lash Extensions

In 1882 it was reported that residents of Paris had started sewing hair into their eyelids to create fake lashes
Tip: If its long lashes you are after and you dont want to wear mascara, eyelash extensions is the way to go.


Ancient Egyptions both men and woman had to darkened, arched and elongated brows by painting on carbon and black oxide substances.
Tip: Pronounced brows and lashes allows you to wear less make-up and help you look younger.

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